Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interesting article and some of the comments are even more insightful than the article itself. I think i agree with Anonymous (22. August 2010), who explains the futility of the whole attempt, s/he laconically summarized it like so:
That to make the internet useless for bad people, it must also be made useless for good people. You could literally firewall the entire damned thing to where the internet passed only ICMP echo requests, and do you know what would happen then? Spammers would resort to hawking viagra via ping packets fired in morse code, hoping to reach ham radio operators looking in the general vicinities of their DSL modems' RX LEDs. (I'm *not* kidding.)
And sadly enough s/he's right.

libao and the mac

Anyone who hasn't updated libao on the mac to 1.1. yet do so now! It fixes those two really annoying bugs concerning playback stopping when hibernating,suspending or (un-)plugging an audio connector.
By the way if you don't know why open source is useful, i think i have yet to find a text that expresses my views on this better than