Sunday, July 8, 2012

Skype 4 for Linux and the tab switch (again)

I've been using Version 4 for several weeks. I am more than glad to finally have a tabbed interface, which i sorely missed from the mac. This makes them en par to me finally. Since i switched from cwm to notion i am even keener to avoid using the mouse, so today i got fed up and pressed all buttons till I finally found Ctrl+tab to switch the tabs.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Multiple \label error

Package amsmath Error: Multiple \label's: label 'important' will be lost

It took me over an hour because there were a couple of valid causes to this problem and i had a few hunches that were all completely off. This error was caused by an incredible amount of tiredness on my part and the fact that I, in my stupidity, added a label to a ...
tada... align* environment. If you ever have this problem, think about if your environment actually has a tag you can reference! 

Rotating a single page in latex output

If you want to rotate a page (not just the content, i.e. you also change the geometry of that page!) the following is one possible solution: 

  \global\pdfpageattr\expandafter{\the\pdfpageattr/Rotate 90}