Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh happy day - Biblatex with Polyglossia is nigh

A couple of days ago the fine folks over at biblatex finally fixed bug #69, which is about the usage of biblatex with polyglossia instead of bable. This means I have lost the last excuse to use babel with lualatex and can finally start into the bright future ahead without that crappy package. I was reminded of how bad it is when I put together a list of common errors we see in #latex on freenode related to babel. Well at least now I personally won't have to touch it again. Burn Babel Burn. Good Riddance!

Installation is easy and risk free if you do it in texmf-local. Worked great for me.

Latex is actually getting cleaner code wise with all these modern packages like fontspec, biblatex+biber, polyglossia, glossaries+xindy,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ZSH Functional Programming Tools

Today I learned that you can have not only map and filter but also other functional programming constructs in plain zsh. zsh has outdone itself again, just ridiculous. Having functional tools seems to have become something like second order turing completeness in that it gives you a notion of productivity as to what can be accomplished.