Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(Xe-|Lua-)LaTeX, Fontspec and endash, emdash

Historically we have used xelatex to typeset a larger publication. When we tried to convert to lualatex we hit a problem with emdashes and endashes showing in the document as --- and -- respectively.
The problem is not entirely clear to me. It appears to be caused by two different chars representing -  and is apparently related to the fontspecmode node, the renderer full and the fact that the loader is implemented differently in luatex and xetex. Contex had the same problem but has been fixed, luatex not apparently

If you care about the details read this discussion on stackexchange and this thread on comp.text.tex.

The problem as well as the solution unfortunately depends on the font. Try
the option  Ligatures=TeX for the font and if that doesn't work also try Renderer=basic, like
\setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX,Renderer=Basic,SmallCapsFont={* SC}]{LMU CompatilText}
or in

Hopefully this works for you. It did for us.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

chris released ignite

Chris2 got annoyed by Arch adopting Poetterings upstart as a default we had to convince him that opening a kickstarter for LP's assassination isn't a wise choice (legally and otherwise) so he just created his own answer. Stacks on!

Personally i would have preferred to see a make based init variant with targets in /proc, just out of curiousity. Maybe i'll try that out if i find the time.

Installation is a little tricky still, make sure you read and understand the part about the getty.

AutoTools History explained by its author

David MacKenzie explains how the autotools came to pass and why some of it looks like it does in the comments to this readworthy post.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Viele Teile der von mir eigentlich geschätzten Süddeutschen Zeitung sind regelmässig davon bedroht der Feuilletonisierung anheim zu fallen. Das schönste Beispiel jüngster Zeit, die Wochenendbeilage darüber wie förderlich oder schädlich Computer für die kindliche Entwicklung wohl sind. Dies fördert dann Stilblüten wie diese zu Tage:
"Es gibt die Angst, dass das Kind dank des Computer ein sozialer Krüppel wird; welcher Mensch wünscht sich schon, dass sein Kind mal Programmierer wird?"
Da fehlen mir doch die Worte.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mutter wollte Website

Mutter bekam Website. Hat mich viel zu viel Zeit gekostet, aber ich bin sehr stolz darauf. Jetzt weiß ich auch wieder, warum ich Webseitengefrickel nicht mag. Design ist echt nicht meine Stärke. Ich wünschte LaTeX könnte auch schöne Homepages erzeugen. Glad to be done with it.